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From The Applique Idea To The Finished Product


Applique despite being the oldest design technique is still relevant in modern times. Our whole Appliqué approach is unique. There are diverse kinds of sewing patterns for appliqué.


From thick colored threads to overlapping patterns, from intricate to simple appliqué patterns, we are fully equipped in catering to all kinds of appliqué work requirements related to any human-made fabric.


Our appliqué design experts have also mastered the craft of incorporating decorative elements into the design to impact the overall design. They are well-versed in not only experimenting with colors but patterns and textures as well.

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Fully equipped technology to deliver the best-in-class custom tailoring solutions.

Perfect results with every alteration modification with advanced repairing techniques.

Mending for visible and even smaller repairs for all kinds of fabrics.

Wide selection of top-quality applique solutions provided by a dedicated in-house applique team.